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  • shiningstarlover 5:42 am on July 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    SHINee and SHINhwa Relationship 

    You call yourself as shawol? so you should have watched Shinhwa Broadcast ep 12, 13, and also 14. On those episode, our boys were having fun with their 10 years age gap- sunbaenim named Shinhwa. Before this, I only knew Shinhwa as one of the Korean best boyband who is able together for more than 10 years. yeah. how wonderful it is, right?

    And because SHINee appeared on their show. Yaaaah. they force me to memorize all Shinhwa members. and now I have already memorized them. LOL

    [For those who haven’t watched it yet : go watch this]
    Ep 12 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V3wSIJcyUU {cr:orangebox}
    Ep 12 : http://www.shineee.net/index.php?showtopic=38261 {download for HD on SFI}
    Ep 13 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsMx-gyTMWo {cr:orangebox}
    Ep 14 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HycQuxP-RdE&feature=plcp {cr:orangebox}

    Please stretch your mouth and tummy first. Attention! If you don’t do this, you’ll get sick since it was super hilarious. hahahahha ^o^

    When I was watching this, I found that Shinhwa members were very attractive. lol. Then, I tried to search anything about SHINhwa. and you know what??! SHINee KEEPS BOTHERING MY LIFE!! LOL *actually I like it so much.

    I watched KBS’s Hello in which Shinhwa become the guest star. [Link] Try watch it, and you know what? SHINee appear there. I just realize that after SHINee becoming their guest, next week was Shinhwa’s turn to be the guest. This is a destiny or just coincidence?? ^o^

    My story hasn’t stopped right here. I tried to watch Shinhwa in Mnet Wide Open [Link] and once again, SHINee APPEAR!! hahahahaah. LOL. it’s about the MC asked Shinhwa to compare them into this area boyband. And because SHINee and Shinhwa have the same in common, that SM tried to make them half-naked together hapilly #eaa, SHINee appeared again *well although it’s just a poster*.

    Those boyband have something in common again. SHINee’s fans are called SHINee World, while Shinhwa’s fans are called Shinhwa Changjo. They put their boyband name in front of their fans name. 😀

    I don’t know what this fate meaning. But I just hope that 10 years again definitely SHINee will be like SHINhwa. I really love their relationship. so cuteeeee xD

    |all links credit goes to the uploader|

    • saphirya 2:18 am on July 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Those broadcast was indeed hilarious, sometime I really wonder how old are Shinhwa mentally. I nover realize those coincidence between Shinhwa and SHINee you have good eyes, the only think is Shinhwa wasn’t half naked, but completely naked for the Wild photoshoot ^^

  • shiningstarlover 5:52 am on March 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    SHINee is BACK!! Let's spazzing~ 

    All shawols over the world have surely been waiting for this time. OH MY GOD! WHAT THEE~~ SHINee, THE SHINING BOYS ARE COMING BACK~! What should I do, What should I do ?!?!

    Guys, don’t you be shocked after watching the teaser photos of SHINee – Sherlock?! hahaha. I was very shocked first seeing Minho half naked. OMG! My friend showed it to me and what they were talking about them.  –shouldn’t be told here-. Taemin teaser also made me taking a deep breath. Even the maknae also did the same thing. Half Naked? OMOOOO *closes eyes* But Onew teaser made me relieved a little since there’s still one pic who showed his cuteness side. hahah (the one with blanket, can’t get it over *_*) then Key time. I think Key’s is the coolest one since he’s the best expression ever. He’s so handsome in pic. and the last, was Jjongie. I had already expect him to be half naked, so it didn’t really matter hahaha.

    And when this pic was released, haha I felt a lot way better. hahahaha.

    oh my god! nae shimjange ttwinda (my heart is beating so hard)

    This is not enough. I bet some of you surely was waiting last Monday to see their teaser, right? So what do you think about their teaser? DAMN~ so hot, sexseehhh, and good looking ~~ #spazzspazzspazz.

    credit : SM Entertainment

    Okay, there were so many criticism about their photo teasers. and it really hurt a lot reading the comments of antis. And guys I just want to say thanks and wanna say that how wonderful shawol are. Hehe. Waiting for a year eight months was not a short time. So now that the boys have already done very well, It’s our turn as shawol to make the boys to the TOP. Fighting! SHINee and SHAWOLS ARE THE BEST !!

  • shiningstarlover 8:31 am on February 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Key, Kim Kibum, SHINee, SHINee World Concert   

    Key is doing this in front of thousand people ! 

    Maybe this info can be included as old one since I found this a long time ago. But I just want to share it here in my blog, perhaps some of you haven’t known about this matter yet.

    So, as you know that SHINee has already held their first concert successfully in Japan on the end of 2010. And if you were one of them (just like me) who didn’t have opportunity to see the concert life, of course you wouldn’t miss their performance which was being aired with Fuji TV.

    And yeah~! I know it that Fuji TV didn’t air all of their performances.

    BUT watch carefully their “LOVE LIKE OXYGEN” performance once again and see if you notice something weird  cute action from Key.

    Have you got it? Watch it again! again and again. Just look at Key the whole song and you will get what I mean for sure.

    Okay, will give the clue, please see the gif below. dang-dang-dang!

    Hahahaha. got it? yess, Key fixed his pants in the middle of singing love like oxygen. LOL Look at his expression. awww. he’s so cute doing this one. I love knowing that key doesn’t really keep their image. It’s better to pull up his pants than unexpected incident happened, right?

  • shiningstarlover 7:05 am on February 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Jonghyun, SHINee, Twitter   

    Jjong is officially entering tweet world !! 

    On the past 4 years since debuting, SHINee only opened their official account in me2day. And NOWW~!!

    Every one has been waiting for them to having account twitter. yay! and our  bling-bling Jonghyun opened his first twitter account (@realjonghyun90). After so many faker surrounding around and pretending to be Jjong. The real Kim Jonghyun has already made announcement about it.

    First tweet, he wrote, “Uwaa~ it’s SHINee.” with attaching SHINee’s photo.  every one is curious whether this one is real or not. and ddang! He uploaded his cute photos below and everything has been revealed.

    Along with this pic, He wrote, “Is this pretty or is this pretty?” Yess, it’s pretty, extremely pretty and good looking boy ^___^ . lol.

    Now, international fans don’t need to worry anymore. They can greet and keep in touch with one of SHINee’s member through twitter. not by UFO nor me2day only. 😀

    This is very good news for us, shawol. I’m looking forward to hear the others member following him. ^^. Just a day since he’s known to have twitter, his followers has reached 100.000++++ people and only following 10 people, (one of them is Kara’s Nicole). HAHAHAHA~  as expected, he’s our bling bling.

    Go Go following and get updates from him. I myself will follow making twitter soon. LOL 

  • shiningstarlover 4:15 am on May 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Waiting for PV Replay to be coming out >.< fighting fighting !!!

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