Onew’s ttakbam Victims 

Nowadays, Onew is known as the best ttakbam people ever had. Ttakbam is a kind of pushing back middle finger then hit usually at forehead’s person by big strength. He has shown off his ttakbam ability in many variety shows like Ya Hae Sung, Happy Together, Oh My School even Strong Heart. And never failed to make people impressed with it. >.<

Let’s count how many victims he has had. Hmm. before that, see the strength of his unique ability above

Start counting Onew’s victims. . ..

  1. All SHINee’s member except Key. They admitted it when they were a guest in 100815 Ya Haeng Sung Ep 13. But only Key who still hasn’t got it yet. hmmm.. still wondering. when will key feel the strong ttakbam? kekeke~
  2. f(x)’s Luna. Onew’s hoobae and also Onew’s couple of singing trot song had experienced it. She said it that it was terrible painful. When Onew was about to ttakbam someone, Luna even said “Oh My! It’s goona be hurt a lot”. She has got it at her forehead and hand. She revealed it on 110210 Happy Together Ep 182.
  3. Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo. are gag mans and also Mc-s of Happy Together. At Ep 182, Following Luna’s statement, PD-nim asked them to get ttakbam from Onew. First, Jae Suk got it then he told Myung Soo to experience it too. and Myung Soo said that his ttakbam made him like after getting big car accident.
  4. Shin Dong Yup and Gill. Being as MCs together with Onew at Ya Haeng Sung, It’s impossible for them not to feel his strength. So at Ep 13, when they had game, the loser would get the ttakbam as the punishment. Dong Yup lose and he got it. But poor Gill, he got it for no reason. hahaXD
  5. Lee Seung Gi and Kim Bosung. Seung Gi who has a strong ttakbam as well had a ttakbam battle with Onew on 110322 Strong Heart Ep 69. In the end, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Bosung who got it that day admitting his strength and determined Onew as King Of Ttakbam.
  6. Park Myung Soo, Simon D, and Tony Ahn. at 110226 100 Points Out Of 100 Ep 14. Onew was a guest star there. He showed demo first by ttakbam-ing walnut. So, the MCs decided to make Onew’s ttakbam as punishment. Blue team that consist of people above were lose and got it.