Heyaaa SHAWOL xD

OMG! How long I’ve been leaving this blog? T^T

I miss blogging. really. Even though I don’t know if everyone still read this blog. lol

I have been so busy with my life outside of internet life haha. I have just passed my top exams. please guys, wish me luck hahahaha xD and with this, I seem don’t really up date with all SHINee’s (my boys) activities. hoooh I hate this. But what can I do? so guys tell me what happened recently with those 5 shining boys?

I hope after this post, I will give you many interesting news to be posted later. hehe.

and I’m extremely expected for this blog to be bigger, and bigger. LOL *dreaming*

Byeeee, oh Nooo. see you guyss xD

Wait. give you this pic. oh my boysss 😀