SHINee is BACK!! Let's spazzing~

All shawols over the world have surely been waiting for this time. OH MY GOD! WHAT THEE~~ SHINee, THE SHINING BOYS ARE COMING BACK~! What should I do, What should I do ?!?!

Guys, don’t you be shocked after watching the teaser photos of SHINee – Sherlock?! hahaha. I was very shocked first seeing Minho half naked. OMG! My friend showed it to me and what they were talking about them.  –shouldn’t be told here-. Taemin teaser also made me taking a deep breath. Even the maknae also did the same thing. Half Naked? OMOOOO *closes eyes* But Onew teaser made me relieved a little since there’s still one pic who showed his cuteness side. hahah (the one with blanket, can’t get it over *_*) then Key time. I think Key’s is the coolest one since he’s the best expression ever. He’s so handsome in pic. and the last, was Jjongie. I had already expect him to be half naked, so it didn’t really matter hahaha.

And when this pic was released, haha I felt a lot way better. hahahaha.

oh my god! nae shimjange ttwinda (my heart is beating so hard)

This is not enough. I bet some of you surely was waiting last Monday to see their teaser, right? So what do you think about their teaser? DAMN~ so hot, sexseehhh, and good looking ~~ #spazzspazzspazz.

credit : SM Entertainment

Okay, there were so many criticism about their photo teasers. and it really hurt a lot reading the comments of antis. And guys I just want to say thanks and wanna say that how wonderful shawol are. Hehe. Waiting for a year eight months was not a short time. So now that the boys have already done very well, It’s our turn as shawol to make the boys to the TOP. Fighting! SHINee and SHAWOLS ARE THE BEST !!