Key is doing this in front of thousand people !

Maybe this info can be included as old one since I found this a long time ago. But I just want to share it here in my blog, perhaps some of you haven’t known about this matter yet.

So, as you know that SHINee has already held their first concert successfully in Japan on the end of 2010. And if you were one of them (just like me) who didn’t have opportunity to see the concert life, of course you wouldn’t miss their performance which was being aired with Fuji TV.

And yeah~! I know it that Fuji TV didn’t air all of their performances.

BUT watch carefully their “LOVE LIKE OXYGEN” performance once again and see if you notice something weird  cute action from Key.

Have you got it? Watch it again! again and again. Just look at Key the whole song and you will get what I mean for sure.

Okay, will give the clue, please see the gif below. dang-dang-dang!

Hahahaha. got it? yess, Key fixed his pants in the middle of singing love like oxygen. LOL Look at his expression. awww. he’s so cute doing this one. I love knowing that key doesn’t really keep their image. It’s better to pull up his pants than unexpected incident happened, right?