Jjong is officially entering tweet world !!

On the past 4 years since debuting, SHINee only opened their official account in me2day. And NOWW~!!

Every one has been waiting for them to having account twitter. yay! and our  bling-bling Jonghyun opened his first twitter account (@realjonghyun90). After so many faker surrounding around and pretending to be Jjong. The real Kim Jonghyun has already made announcement about it.

First tweet, he wrote, “Uwaa~ it’s SHINee.” with attaching SHINee’s photo.  every one is curious whether this one is real or not. and ddang! He uploaded his cute photos below and everything has been revealed.

Along with this pic, He wrote, “Is this pretty or is this pretty?” Yess, it’s pretty, extremely pretty and good looking boy ^___^ . lol.

Now, international fans don’t need to worry anymore. They can greet and keep in touch with one of SHINee’s member through twitter. not by UFO nor me2day only. 😀

This is very good news for us, shawol. I’m looking forward to hear the others member following him. ^^. Just a day since he’s known to have twitter, his followers has reached 100.000++++ people and only following 10 people, (one of them is Kara’s Nicole). HAHAHAHA~  as expected, he’s our bling bling.

Go Go following and get updates from him. I myself will follow making twitter soon. LOL