How much Shawols miss SHINee ?

Helloo, been long time since I was blog-ing right here. I’m getting busier and almost forget that I had this blog. LOL. but I’m surprised that some people commented in my blog showing their “care” about this blog. haha. thanks guys. Though I doubt you will be back to this blog but I’m saying million “thanks” to you. You’re my spirit 😀 haha. but you must be back here NOW *begging. hehe.

LOL, let’s get back to the topic ^.^

How long it has been for SHINee promoting in Japan already? If I can count maybe it’s around year. waoo. passed year already? Oh shawol, don’t you miss the boys so badly? for me definitely YESS . I don’t know this is just me or I think being on Japan, it means that we’re difficult to find any news about them, like watching their videos, knowing what they do in Japan. it seems very quiet. Make me feel like they’re on hiatus. haha 🙂 (but of course there’s still some J-Shawol who gave us keeping in touch with shining SHINee. arigatou~)

Actually what I’m trying to say is because SHINee had debuted in Japan last year with Japanese Version of their old songs like Replay, Juliette, and Lucifer. A year is really enough to make us, shawol missing them so much.  We really need a fresh and amazing song sung by them now. So,  I think NOW is the right time for them to have their comeback in Korea. right?

For the real prove that SHINee is too long staying at Japan is here First SHINee World Concert Shirt: Colorful

Second SHINee World Concert Shirt: Pearlescent Sky Blue and  Colorfull 

   Third SHINee World Concert Shirt: Black and Pearlescent Sky Blue

That shirt wouldn’t change in short time, right? lol 

If you watched 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun, They already confirmed that They would have their comeback soon in early of 2012. They said, “SHINee is Back, SHINee is Back.” though there’s misunderstanding. so MBC cut this precious moment -_- What a really happy news. I can’t wait to see them. Really want to feel the feeling about getting nervous and looking forward for their individual photo teaser, MV teaser, MV, and their comeback stage. Are you guys looking forward for this one too? Let’s countdown and be ready for the spectacular stage! Please guys, gather our strength and becoming as one for making our SHINee shine million brighter this year. Hwaiting SHINee~ ❤