My SHINee Calender XD

Oh! Actually this is a creativity coming from a depressed shawol. haha . why? Because I really wanted to buy SHINee’s Official Calender 2011. Looking the pics which are scanned by fellow shawol, I wanted it so badly. But what to do? I dun have any money and even I had, I didn’t how to buy it. wheree ?? Oh It’s confusing.

So, I decided to make calender by myself. haha XD even though it’s so different with the original one, but I’m satisfied with it.

And guys, I wanna share it to you. So let’s check my own calender.

Those three pics above are my calender that have been printed but haven’t been arranged. Wanna see each pages of it. Waitt ~

Here you are, please take a look guys

That’s it. O yea, there was a funny moment during the arrangement of my calender. I couldn’t go to the store by myself, so my mother offered to help me. and yea. I was really thankful for her. and then there was some conversation between my mon and the seller.

Seller : <looking to the pic>
My mom : How long you need to complete it?
Seller : wait a minute Miss, it’s almost done.
Seller : Miss?
My mom : yes?
Seller : which one is your son??
My mom : >confused< they’re korean singer. don’t you know them?
Seller : @@@@@@@@@

I laughed a lot because of this. I’d be freaking happy if one of them is my biological oppa. LOL. hahah