SHINee and Korean Drama

Well, I made this because I’m a korean drama lover. But yeaa~~ Although I was watching of korean dramas, some of them were still related with our bitnaneun SHINee. Aishh. no matter how far I go, in the end I’ll end up with SHINee too. kekeke~

Okay, here’s the prove!

1. SHINee became singer who sang korean drama’s OST, such as

Stand by me for Boys Over Flower.

Countdown for Dream.

Fly High for Princess Prossecutor.

and also Haru Web Drama.

I have to admit that all of songs above always be my favorite.

2. Onew’s poster from Brothers were brave appeared on Oh My Lady!

3. SHINee’s photo also appeared on You’re Beautiful when Park Shin Hye tried to remember Idol’s name (I hope she mentioned SHINee, but she didn’t T_T) Find them behind.

4. Yoogeun’s house is the same one with the house used for child Kim Tae Hee in My Princess. Take a look here! Same, right?

Still in my princess, Kim Tae Hee wanted SHINee as her tutor about art and fashion. She wrote it herself for completing her “princess project”. Her director actually had prepared the tutor, but Tae Hee changed it all, here the caps!

5. SHINee’s stage on Music Bank performing Hello was played on TV behind Moon geum young at episode 3 in Marry Stayed Out All Night. Focus on top left and bottom right TVs. 😀


6. Baker King Kim Tak Goo, for this one it’s not related with the drama but more related to the cast of Tak Goo. If you’re korean drama lover you definitely know about this drama, which is recently selected as national drama of South Korea. This drama tells us about Kim Tak Goo who spent 12-14 years to look for his mom. So, there’re 2 Tak Goo in this drama. 1st is Yoon Shi Yoon and Jae Moo, plays as Little Tak Goo. And I wanna tell you about this child. At the interview part of Baker King Kim Tak Goo which is aired one week after the end of this drama, Jae Moo got the most votes for person who wanted to be friend with among the Baker King Kim Tak Goo’s cast. He was very happy and the MC asked him to do ceremony dance. When MC asked him about the song, without any hesitation, he chose Lucifer and started dancing it. WOW. I was so surprised that He’s a shawol too. kekeke. click this video to watch it yourself. 😀