Love Letter for SHINee

I know this sounds so childish and just like a paboo person. To be truth, I’m not wishing them to read this. I have to realize that they have no time to read all shawols’s letter because I’m just one of their million fans in this world. I just want some shawols will read this. I wanna share this for them. Share what I have in my mind. haha~

Dear SHINee~~

How are you these days? Fine? What’re you doing right now? Did you do well? hmm. No. you must do well.

From this letter, I wanna say something secret to you.

Showing my gratitude and apologize for my beloved shining star from South Korea.

Thank you for accompanying me with all my days since 2009.

Thank you for re-charging my energy when I feel down.

Thank you for Onew, who teach me to smile every day whatever happens.

Thank you for Jonghyun, who teach me sing and always work hard to get what we want.

Thank you for Key, who make me realize how important parent are and make me laugh with his gag.

Thank you for Minho, who always be my inspiration. Your wonderful sentences are my base from now on.

Thank you for Taemin, who make me sure that although we’re still young, we can reach our dream by working hard.


Sorry that I can’t always be a good shawol for you.

Sorry for not buying your original album. *My family isn’t that rich. We have some financial problem sometimes. But I’m still in the middle of saving money. 😀 I promise next time I will buy it*

Sorry, I couldn’t meet you on KIFF last Oct because of my school. If I had a little courage at that time, at least I would see you even though in a distance. T_T

Sorry for being addicted to your songs and videos.

Thanks and Sorry are what I can only say to you.

Hope to see you soon

From a shawol ❤

Divi – shiningstarlover

OMO~~ Have you done reading? *immediately close face and run* shy overload *-*