What Is shiningstarlover ?

(shiningstarlover) is a term used by me in many forums and sites. Actually, I made this spontaneously. But I think it has meaning it self. How to explain it? Hmm maybe I say it with a sentence.

shining star who will be my lover forever”

Yeah. That’s it. I’m sure that you all have known who are the sentence describe about. I love this “term” so much. I dunno but I started to love this “term” since I had used to use it as my user name ^.^

Well, now I will tell you about my personal information. You can just call me with Divi. I was born at the same year as SHINee’s makdoogie. and born and currently live in Indonesia. I’m the youngest in my family. I’m a friendly person so don’t scare to have chat with me. I won’t bite. 😀

And last, I’m so sorry if there’s some mistakes in this site. My English’s also not that good. I’m still learning and collect verb of English every day. And I need your help to improve my english become better. I’d love to if you tell me where I got wrong and help me to fix it.

Thank you so much my beloved reader !!