Ask me about anything

What is your name?

You can call me Divi

Where do you come from?

I’m from Indonesia, South East Asia, Asia, World. hhe

What does this site for ?

This site will bring you get some information about SHINee with different ways from another site. And this site is 100% original from me. It means that you won’t find all things here in another place

Why does you make this site ?

Because I love SHINee so much. Doing or writing articles about them are so interesting for me. I never got bored for talking about them. And now I make this personal site for showing you my strong love for SHINee 😀

When did you start love SHINee?

Well, I didn’t know them since debut because at that time I didn’t use laptop as much as now and there’s no KPOP things in my country. And then my sister’s friend showed my sister Ring Ding Dong MV. My sister kept replaying it many times in front of me. I was approached and took a look for this MV. Wow! Who are the boys? I tried to search about them from Internet and totally fell for them directly. Then, I found hello baby and watched it every week. That made me gotta more love them until this day.

Who is your favorite in SHINee ?

This is the most difficult question for me. I really can’t pick one of them. They have their own charms to make me love them. So, I will end it with say that all of members are my biases. I love them as SHINee. I love them as whole

Wanna know about me more? Leave your question here and sure I will answer it. ~~